Do I need to make a deposit for an appointment? No, unless you want to schedule 12 or more hours.  


Do you drink? Yes. My favorites are champagne and wine. White during the day and red at night?  


Can I take photos or videos? Yes, as long as they're only for personal use and you tip me an extra $100  


Can I dress you up? Yes. I love new clothes and sexy outfits. Bring what you want me to wear. I'll be your doll.  


How early are you available? Always by 5 the latest, some days by noon. You can contact anytime after noon.  


How soon before do I need to schedule? Morning appointments, by the night before. From noon-3:30: 2 hours, 3:30-6:30: 1.5 hours, 6:30- all night: 1 hour or less. (Minimums)


How late are you available? Until at least 12:00 every night but I can stay up late if I hear from you before then.


How do you prefer to be contacted? Text messages. Both forms are acceptable but my phone is quicker. E-mail if it's a future appointment > 2 weeks away. Can you recieve texts? Yes. My phone can recieve and send texts, pictures, and videos.  


Are you available for doubles? Yes. I have one provider girlfriend out here who I do double with.


Can I have you and another provider I choose together? Yes, as long as you set it up on both ends.  


Can I bring my girlfriend? Yes, as long as she's pretty, clean, and fun. Minimum 2 hours for couples.  


Is there anything you don't like? I don't like having my hair pulled. It hurts me and messes it up.  


Can I smoke during incall? Yes but not indoors. You can smoke on my back patio as much as you like.  


Is there any fantasy that's too much for you? No. I love role play and I have a very dirty mind.  


Can I bring toys for us to use? Yes, but they must be new and still in the package. All toys are welcome.